How to Use Props in Product Photography

Props are a great thing to use because it will make shoppers understand the purpose of the products and imagine it in a real-life scenario. Props can also show off the size of the product and the details. The type of props you will need will depend on what you are photographing. Also, make sure the props don’t take the attention away from the product. Keep reading how to use props in product photography to find out more.  To find what props to use you can use the list below:

  • What product am I shooting?
  • What does the product look like? The size, color, function, texture, shape, etc?
  • What are the interesting parts of the product? What is it made from? Mostly recycled materials? Organic materials?
  • Was the creation process special?
  • When you were designing it, what inspired you?

Use the Above List to Think of Ways to Show off the Item While Also Telling Its Purpose and Story:

Show off its usefulness: Show how the product works so customers can see the purpose of the product. If your product is portable, you may want to consider showing off the product in a place where someone is on the go. Like at an airport or work commute.

Show off what inspired you: If your product was inspired by nature you can show off the product surrounded by what it was made by. For example, say your product was made by 90% recycled materials from the beach. You can photograph the product on a clean beach.

Show off the creation process: Did you have a special process of creating your products? You can include a photo of behind the scenes or pictures that show the product originally and the final product.

Test Out Your Props

Start setting up your products and props to take a few photos. You want to take a few test shots to find the best setup for your business.  You want the props to show off the interesting things about your item? If something doesn’t look right, try again! You can change the angle, rearrange the props, change the lighting, change the focus, etc. Make sure you don’t add too many props, make sure there is just enough. You want your product to be the center of attention in the photos.

Bottom Line

There is how to use props in product photography! Now that you know how to style product photos with props it’s time for you to start taking photographs with props. What is your favorite way to style? What kind of props do you use? Let us know in the comments! Stay up to date on our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!

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