Show Off Your Brand With Product Photography

You can show branding through your photography easily with many methods! You want to style your photos to show off your brand because that is the main thing your customers see! Successfully utilizing these elements strategically will show off your brand and your products. The photos will show off the function, details, and brand of your products.  Customers make assumptions based mostly on what they see. So it’s so important that your brand’s shine through. Keep reading show off your brand with product photography to find out how to make your brand photography photos stand out. 

Establish Your Style

You want your style to be known. For example, if you sell workout clothes. You would label different categories. You would label leggings made for yoga and dance under a dance category. Sports bras with different supports would be labeled under different categories as well.  These categories paired with different images and details will allow your style to be shown. This will show customers what they can expect from you and your business.

Visual Element Consistency Is Important

Visual elements are another way to show the style of your shop and it’s branding. You want your shop to look seamless and collected. Before you style your photos, you want to look at elements that you would want to apply and make a plan.

  1. Textures: Textures can give your photos a unique look and can show your brand’s aesthetic.
  2. Colors: You want to find and use backgrounds and props that have colors that work well with your items. You want to use colors that are expressive and march emotions as well.
  3. Assortment: You want to make sure everything makes sense when they’re styled together. You can create a shop assortment. By making a shop assortment you can reduce the number of pictures you take.
  4. Lighting: Lighting is a great thing because depending on the time of day you can give a picture a different mood. If you were to shoot a product in the morning you would get a soft and energetic look. Evening light can give off a more mysterious mood.
  5. Backgrounds: Using a few different kinds of backgrounds that go with each other will help create a collected look in your shop. Backgrounds that are simple and clean are the best options. They look good with most products.

Bottom Line

There is show off your brand with product photography! Now that you know how to do brand photography it’s time for you to start taking photographs. Are you going to start showing off your brand through photography? Do you already show off your branding through your photography? What is your favorite method? Let us know in the comments! Stay up to date on our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!

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